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Wheel of Life Thangka


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Net weight of Thangka Painting: 30 Grams
Total Lengt: 35.5 Cm with border/ 31 Cm without border
Total Height: 45.5 Cm with border/ 41 Cm without border
Material used to paint the painting: Linen canvas using ground mineral pigments and gold paint.
Made by: Tibetan Artist of Nepal


Silk framing on Thangka

We can make silk framing ( Silk brocade or silk lining) on every of the thangka you purchase. The silk lining is traditional Tibetan or buddhism cultural where every house or monastery, the thangka painting is hanged on silk framing or border instate of hanging it on glass frame. The brocade can make on your choice of color of silk. Please choose your best color of silk brocade clicking here

* Note: Silk brocade making charge and extra shipping fee because of the increasement on the weight of Thangka will be extra.


The wheel of life is considered an endless life circle of human being. It is believed that to have been drawn first by the Buddha himself.
As seen in the painting, a minister demon, usually identified as Yama or Mara the god of death, clutches the whole wheel. In the smallest circle at the centre a Pig, Snake and Cock symbolize the three cardinal sins of ignorance, anger and lust, and are biting each others tail to show that these evils are inseparably connected.

Pig -symbolises ignorance
Snake -symbolises anger
Cock – symbolises lust, greed

In the narrow circle around the innermost circle the light half at the viewer’s left shows figures ascending to higher levels of existence, the dark half at the right shows figures descending to lower levels. The six men segments of the wheel depict the six world of existence. In the upper half are the relatively happier realms of the gods (in the centre), theasuras or demigods (at the right) and human beings (at the left). In the lower half are the more wretched realms of the animals (at the left), pretas or hungry ghosts (at the right), and those tortured in hells (at the centre). In the outer rim of the wheel twelve scences depict the china of cause and effect.
1. A bind woman – ignorance
2. A potter – deeds, forming karma
3. A monkey – restless consciousness
4. Two men in a boat – mind and body
5. A house with six windows – the six senses
6. A pair of lovers -contact
7. An arrow piercing the eye of a man -feeling
8. A drinker served by a woman -thirst and craving
9. Man gathering fruits – grasping of and clinging to desired objects
10. A maithuna scene e.g. enjoying sex “pairing” – a new process of becoming
11. A new woman giving birth -rebirth a new existence
12. A man carrying a crops on his back – death

But, all of the forms of existence shown in the entire wheel, even that of the gods at the top are transient, and that is why the whole is held in his claws by the god of death.

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Weight 50.00 kg

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