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Bajra Carving Special Kasha Singing Bowls

Price: $ 32.00


Kasha, Mixture of Pure 7 metals is known as special and valuable in Nepali, Newari and Tibetan culture. Nepalese Creative Handicrafts has vast collection of these pure metal bowls in different types and designs. The basic colors with golden color are decorated with carved in different methods by our highly skilled artists and make bowls more attractive. The most important thing in singing bowl is its sound. These Kasha singing bowls produce more pure sound once strike the bowls. Its length is more than normal bowls. The sweetness on sound is most important for sound meditation and these Kasha bowls has those speciality.

This Bajra Carving Special Kasha singing bowl is made of high quality 7 metals. There is double Dorje (Bajra)  inside  this Kasha Singing Bowl. Outside, there are Om Mane Padme Hum chanting mantra on bowls with varieties of Style and on the base of bowls there is a nice craving Shankha(Ritual Instrument In Hinduism and Buddhism).  Artist has work double carving work to make bowl more attractive and special. The singing bowl has pure singing sound too. This Singing bowl has mid deep singing sound.

  • Product Code      :NCH-CSB-1004
  • Diameter              :16 Cm
  • Height                   :8 Cm
  • Weight                  :1100 Gram
  • Total Weight       :1500 Grams ( with Coushin and Sticks)
  • Package Weight  :2 kg

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