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10 Inch American Eagle Extreme Khukuri

Eagle Khukuri is combination of the famous American Knife called American Eagle and Nepalese Khukuri. This Khukuri is made following traditional Khukuri making techniques by Nepalese Blacksmiths. Blade is simple on look has been made on Panawala style full tang all the way down by covering it with Wild Rose Wood and Buffalo bones from outside. The handle is unique compared to other khukuri, the metal of the blade in the handle area is flat(full tange) and can be seen all around the handle. Rosewood or buffalo bones are joined strongly from both sides with rivets which makes it stronger than the other khukuri (kukri). This is the one of the Best working Kukri. The notch (kaura or kaudi) in the blade near the hilt of most khukuris serves as conduit for the blood on the blade to drip out, thus preventing it from soiling the hilt, as well as a device for catching and neutralizing opponent’s blades during the battle. The Khukuri is carried in a scabbard which is a wooden frame covered with leather and has protective metal cap over the tip. The scabbard has two pockets to hold the two tiny knives tucked behind it. Karda: A small knife, its main purpose is to cut small things and also work as a skinning knife. Chakmak: A sharpener, the main purpose of this Chakmak is to sharp the Khukuri (kukri) and maintain the sharp edge of the Khukuri (kukri). It can be used as a flint maker also.
This design was most demanding design from our buyers and getting more pouplarity because of stylish handle, comfortableness to grip it on its handle also more light and comfortable weight to carry it and use it.

Product’s Details

  • Blade Made Material:  Made of Highly Graded Carbon Steel and polished perfectly
  • Steel Category:              A grade leaf spring steel (from car or jeep 5160)
  • Hardness of Steel:        Spine 25 Rc, Midpoint of the belly 45 Rc, and the edge 55 Rc.
  • Handle Made Of:          Wild Rose Wood (satissal) and Buffalo Bone
  • Scabbard made Of:      Water Buffalo Hide/Leather (Outside) and Pine wood (Inside)
  • Made by:                        Handmade
  • Wet. with scabbard:    850 Grams
  • Blade Length:               10.5 Inch
  • Overall Length:            15.5 Inch

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